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how to insert a long quote into an essay 2

How to write a quote in my article?

An overflowing essay with too many quotes will result in a failure to develop your ideas, as well as the fact that your work will seem overly confusing to the expert. Remember that an essay is your work and should consist mainly of your ideas and thoughts…

Examples of citations


This shows that the dialogue used in the text still belongs to the author. When quoting an author who is quoting someone else, you will need to switch between single and double quotes. You must first attach the author’s words in single quotes, and then wrap the words they are quoting in double quotes. A quote should never tell a story about you.

Quotes may be inappropriate if the student simply adds quotation marks as “sentence fillers”. Adding quotes just to make your essay look more complex will be more damaging if the rating does not adequately reinforce or expand your opinion. Conversely, an essay without citations will also not receive many reviews. In the rare case that both the quoted word and the sentence are questions, put a question mark inside the quotation marks..

Quotes inside quotes

Quotes are a “support” system, just like backing up your ideas and arguments. Therefore, you need to be selective about what you want to quote. Generally, the absolute minimum is three paragraph quotes, but you should not overload your paragraphs either…

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